Viagem a Portugal

Centro – unlike its name – actually only touches the geographical center of Portugal in its Southern part. The majority of this region lies north the center-line. However, Centro literally offers a diversity of centers – be it the one for education (Coimbra), the one for winter sports (Serra da Estrela) or the one for world-record surfing (Nazaré). Centro has plenty to offer and driving from East to West you’ll be amazed, how fast the landscapes change from one breath-taking scenery to the next in only 200 km. From sandy beaches to the highest elevations of continental Portugal – it all can be found in the Região Centro.

Coming from Spain, we often enter the country through border-town Vilar Formosa. Thus, Centro is our entrance to Portugal – but has become much more. No other region is richer in contrast than Centro. On the one hand, the elemental Portuguese life distinguishes the rural communities, ignored from mass tourism. Here, Centro seems fallen out of time where people live a simple life based on hard work. In view of the handmade agriculture here, globalization or digitization appear strange fiction. Astonishingly, they are vivid reality just a stone’s throw from here. Centro is a strong economic force in Portugal. Machinery, technology and research industries are the foundations of a flourishing economy.

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